The Steering Wheel – Conner Snare

By: Conner Snare
Ball State Men’s Swimming

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.55.44 PMHello people! I’m back from a somewhat extended hiatus and am really glad that I finally have found/made the time to make a post! To my readers, I apologize for the delay and hope that you are ready for some more of my thoughts! New readers, welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Ok so let’s get down to business shall we? Let’s take a brief trip down memory lane to when you and your family all gathered around the TV and watched your favorite TV show every week (and if you didn’t, I ask you to use your imagination).

Our main characters inevitably have to take a road trip. We watch as our group packs everything into the car, including themselves, and they’re off. Along with the obviously fake background, we have to endure the endless bickering back and forth jokes, terrible puns, and forced laughter. Can you see the driver of the car? Can you see their hands on the wheel? How are they driving the car?

Hopefully you’ve noticed the jerky back and forth of their hands on the wheel, turning the wheel this way and that, all while the car remains going in a straight line. Have you ever tried to drive like the actors in a sitcom? I advise you NOT to try, because you’ll most likely end up seeing the po-po behind you and that’s going to make for an embarrassing story later haha. But back to the actor, why are they driving like that?

Who decided that jerking the wheel back and forth gave the illusion of driving in a straight line? Many of us though are fooled into thinking this is a perfectly acceptable way to drive a car, or have never noticed it before (and if you can’t un-see it, my apologies). The actor clearly feels that this is necessary to create the illusion that the car is driving. The background moving, the fact that they are in a car, and the occasional movement of the car are enough for me.

Ok, back to the present. I think that we as people have the ability to create the illusion that we are doing something, when we aren’t. The phrase “fake it until you make it” comes to mind. We can start to perform this charade for those around us; pretending that we are really doing something, or going through the motions in order to keep others happy. We feel the need to fake our actions or have some false image in order to get by from day to day and make sure others don’t get too inquisitive and ask us what we’re really up to.

Here’s where I feel we need to step back and ask “Where am I jerking the wheel around? What areas of my life am I pretending in or not being genuine? Where am I trying to fool people? Who am I trying to fool?” Its not a pleasant question, and many of us (me included) don’t want to ask it. And maybe its one of our close friends who will call you out and ask “What are you doing?” in order to bring us back to reality.

Nonetheless, these questions need to be asked, and need to be answered if we are to have genuine relationships with those around us and reach our final destination. To take it back to the car analogy, you’re not going to make many friends or get very far if you’re swerving all over the road from left to right. The car wants to go straight, get your hands on the wheel and hold it steady. Drive with a purpose.

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