10 Things Every Ball State Sports Fan Should Do Before Graduating


I have seen Ball State sports from several different vantage points. I have played for the Cardinals on the football team, I have covered the Cardinals as a member of the media with Sports Link, and I have cheered the Cardinals on from the Nest. In all my hours immersed in Ball State Athletics, I have decided to put together a list of what every Ball State sports fan should do before they graduate.

1. Road Trip! Attend a Ball State away game in any sport.

There is nothing better than watching a Cardinal victory in hostile enemy territory. May I recommend making the trek to College Station, Texas on September 12th?

2. Go to a gymnastics meet.

The women’s gymnastics team is always fun to watch, and in my opinion, it is the best game day atmosphere on campus. It is loud, the bleachers are full, and the place is absolutely electric.

3. Tailgate a sport other than football.

Everyone tailgates the football games, and please keep doing so. But I recommend packing the grill and heading over to Ball Diamond. Call your friends, show up an hour or two early, and have a blast.

4. Win the bed races.

Want your chance at Ball State athletic immortality? The bed races may be your chance. For those who do not know, the bed races consist of teams of five, with four pushing a bed and one laying in it. The first team who reaches the bottom wins.

5. Eat at Mancino’s Pizza after a football game.

Mancino’s is usually packed after a football game, and a great spot to hang out with players, coaches and loyal fans. The pizza that you have to try is the “Charlie Cardinal.” You can even give me a slice if I see you there!

6. Be Charlie Cardinal for a day.

I don’t know how to become the mascot nor how to get your hands on the costume, but what I do know is no one on campus draws a better fan reaction than Charlie Cardinal. There must be no greater thrill than leading the nest in a “Chirp, Chirp!” chant while dressed as Charlie.

7. Participate in a Ball State basketball halftime show.

Chris Ulm and Kevin Thurman know how to throw a halftime show. Whether it is shooting baskets, riding on inflatable horses, or doing God knows what, it is always a blast. They give the winners a prize too!

8. Go to Ball State Dance Marathon.

You may be saying, how is BSUDM sports related? I believe that standing on your feet for 12 straight hours may be harder than most sports, so I am counting it. Oh, and two Colts players, Matt Overton as well as Ball State’s very own Jonathan Newsome attended last year. You will meet unbelievable people, and it is for an unbelievable cause.

9. Take a selfie with Charile Cardinal at any home game.

It doesn’t matter the sport, but you have to get a selfie with Charlie. If you don’t have a selfie on your phone with Charlie, do you really even go to Ball State?

10. Watch the Cardinals win the MAC title.

When Ball State has a chance to win the conference in any sport, you have to be there. Don’t be the guy/girl who misses it when the Cards raise up the hardware.

Author: Sports Link Staff

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