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Written By: Michelle Manzo@michellemanzo
Asst. Director of Athletic Communications for Video Production

Elon University Athletics
2011 Ball State Sports Link Alumni

manzoA few week ago, I realized that it has been four years since I walked across the stage at Ball State University.I’m not sure how it’s possible that so much time has passed, but I do know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my time with Ball State Sports Link.

In November 2014 I was hired at Elon University as the Asst. Director of Athletic Communications for Video Production (it’s a mouthful, I know).

Elon is just the latest stop on a journey that started in 2011.

I graduated Ball State on a Saturday, moved to Cleveland on a Monday, and started an internship with the Cleveland Browns on a Wednesday.

A fast turnaround, but I was so pumped to have an awesome position in sports production right out of college. Working with the Browns was an awesome experience, but at the end I knew I was ready for a full-time gig.

Thanks in large part to the words “Ball State Sports Link” on my resume, I found myself as the new multimedia coordinator at High Point University in North Carolina.

Over just about three years at High Point, I worked over 300 live broadcasts. Every single one was a multi-cam production.

Those were on top of intro videos, features, highlight videos, and everything else that comes with being the only video person in the department.

I can’t imagine being better prepared for that sort of position than the experience I gained through Ball State Sports Link.

I came to Elon in November and have been working hard with the Phoenix ever since.

I’ve upped the standards on our live shows and started building my student base here. I produced the first live football signing day show Elon had ever done, but my experience from Ball State made that process feel easy.

Both High Point and Elon boast some beautiful campuses, and the Carolinas are full of great colleges. I often get asked the question if I wished I could go back and change where I went to school.

I always laugh and say “not a chance.” I can’t imagine any school providing a better education or better opportunities than what Ball State has.

Author: Chris Taylor

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