Jeremiah Davis: The Importance of Patience

Written By: Jeremiah Davis | @JizleCorleone
Senior guard | Ball State Basketball
Member of Ball State Sports Link

Jeremiah Davis is a senior guard for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team. He will be blogging as a member of Ball State Sports Link this season, as well as serving as a coordinating producer of Sports Link’s basketball series, “Out of the Shadows”.

Nothing worth having is easy.

If you stay patient through the process, you eventually see the progress and no enemy will defeat you.

Why do we need patience?

If you understand food, you can relate to the difference of a home-cooked meal and fast food. Big Difference.

You can’t enjoy a home-cooked meal if you don’t have the patience to let it cook because it takes time. When you let it cook, you begin to develop all of the flavors that makes the meal worth it.

I feel like that’s how it is with anything you pursue in life, it’s going to take patience and persistence.

For example, your life goals and dreams for the partner you have your eye on.

Patience plus persistence turns into power.


Just because you are consistent doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy.

As you are being patient going after your goals, you should also be using that time to grow and learn through the process.

Once you get to the top or achieve your goal, it’s not just about getting there  … it’s about staying at the top.

Whether it’s the person of your dreams you want to spend the rest of your life with or that dream job you have been grinding hard to get. It doesn’t really matter what it is. You do not just want to get it, you want to keep it.

Say, for example, you earn that person you wanted and everyone thought y’all were the perfect couple.  Then you break up a few months after.  Or you got the job you wanted and a year later you are working somewhere else.

That’s why you have to remain patient during the process, because while being patient you were able to learn and understand what it took to be successful.

So when the time comes for you to get that satisfying career or that person you want to be with forever, you have the skills to step on to that platform and perform.

Thanks for the read and see you on the court,


Jeremiah Davis is a senior guard for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team.  Davis is also earning credit as a member of Ball State Sports Link in 2015-16.  

He will join Sports Link senior Dillon Welch, junior Matt Organ and sophomore Matt Craig as a coordinating producer of Season Three of Ball State Men’s Basketball: “Out of the Shadows”, which premieres in November.

To watch last year’s shows, click here.


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