Aaron Taylor: #Grinding

Written By: Aaron Taylor | @1flight37
Defensive Back | Ball State Football
Member of Ball State Sports Link

#TheGrindisReal  #Grinding

Ball State Football defensive back, and digital sports production major, Aaron Taylor.

Things we’ve all seen flooding social media.  Things we’ve all at some point or another participated in.

But when you take step back from our media-filled lives, what is left?

Are we really “grinding” like we say we are or is it all a facade?

Antonio Neves, an award-winning journalist and former NCAA athlete, spoke to Ball State athletics earlier this year and one of his quotes really struck me.

” Are you really grinding if your tweeting about it? People who are really grinding don’t have the time to post it because they are really grinding!”

How many of us do it for the likes or the retweets? We’re all guilty, including yours truly.

How much of our lives are truly filled with substance and satisfaction of being alive and enjoying real-life experiences?

In order to achieve any sort of goal you must WORK.

There is no substitute, no amount of sweaty mirror pics at Lifetime Fitness can result in any sort of change in your life. Posting football pictures doesn’t make you a baller.

People who are great don’t need to tell themselves they are great.  Other people will tell them they are great.

Jordan Williams doesn’t have to introduce himself to people around Muncie. Riley Neal is throwing balls into 1-on-1 coverage expecting to win. The product speaks for itself.

Let’s change the way we look at “hard”.

In poker, you don’t show everyone at the table your hand. You show them the finished product.

Your hustle and your drive will tell your story. Your finished product will reflect your grind.

So keep grinding — and when the time is right — show the world something that they can’t deny is truly great!


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