Jeremiah Davis: The Importance of Winning

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Jeremiah Davis is blogging as a member of Ball State Sports Link this season, as well as serving as a coordinating producer of Sports Link’s basketball series, “Out of the Shadows”.

Written By: Jeremiah Davis | @JizleCorleone
Senior guard | Ball State Basketball
Member of Ball State Sports Link

Winning means everything.

When you are winning, you begin to gain a deeper connection and respect with your teammates, coaches and your community.

Not only because the team is winning, but everyone begins to look back at all of the sacrifices that were made to get there.

The reason why winning is so important is because it is not something you can obtain instantly.

To win at a high level, you have to work for years, months, weeks and days.  You spend countless hours to accomplish something so sacred.

One of the best environments anyone can be in is a locker room after a win. It is filled with excitement and happiness.  The team’s favorite song is playing and everyone — including the coaches — are leaping for joy.

After a win, it is great.  You don’t have to worry about the media scrutinizing you, your teammates or your coaches.

Most importantly, winning brings memories.

When you win a championship or earn a banner — no matter how long ago it was — every time you think about the accomplishment,  you think about the memories.  Memories you made with your teammates, coaches and the entire community.

We open our 2015-16 season Friday.  We want to create memories. It’s time.

Remember to keep God first, as well as stay stay true, stay pure and stay real.

Thanks for the read and see you on the court,



Jeremiah Davis is a senior guard for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team.  Davis is also earning credit as a member of Ball State Sports Link in 2015-16.  

He will join Sports Link senior Dillon Welch, junior Matt Organ and sophomore Matt Craig as a coordinating producer of Season 3 of Ball State Men’s Basketball: “Out of the Shadows”, which premieres November 12. 


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