Hot Corner: Pete Rose, Let Him In?

IMG_9327By: Mick Tidrow |  @mick_tidrow17
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The Baseball Hall of Fame holds many prestigious names. Names that have kept the integrity of the game intact and have showcased their greatest skills on the biggest stage.

One player who hustled and did everything he could to win every game for his team, is not in the HOF. In fact, he is not even allowed back in baseball. We all know the story of Pete Rose, baseballs all-time hit leader. His love for betting on baseball got the best of him, and new commissioner Robert Manfred has elected to not reinstate Charlie Hustle.

The hit king is back in baseball in some capacity anyway, analyzing baseball on FOX Sports. He also was recently elected into the Reds HOF. So what gives? Why won’t baseball let Rose back in? Why won’t the Hall put him on the ballet? Rose wants back in, but he knows it may never happen, which is a sad case for people who are supporters of the man who has more hits than anyone to ever step foot on a Major League Baseball field.

John and I debate whether he will have a chance to be unbanned from the game or kept away from Americas Pastime.

We also discuss the idea of the National League adopting the DH rule and break down the Colorado Rockies with guest Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post in our weekly team profile.

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Author: Mick Tidrow

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