Jeremiah Davis: Real Standards


Written By: Jeremiah Davis | @JizleCorleone
Senior guard | Ball State Basketball
Member of Ball State Sports Link

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Those who are just “talking the talk” tend to shy away from those who are really walking the walk. We all have to pay attention.

being-fakeThose who just say what they want, tend to shy away from those who are really pursuing what they need.

For example, the boys who talk a good game tend to shy away from those grown women whose standards won’t allow them to lie with them or to them.

You must pay attention.

It’s the same thing with those girls who talk a good game, but who tend to shy away from the men whose standards would require their way of life to change.

We have to pay attention.

The moral of the story is, real standards filter out everyone and everything that isn’t as real as they appear to be.  Don’t be a faker, one of the real keys to success.

As always thanks for the read and remember to keep God first and stay true, stay real and stay pure.

Thanks for the read and see you on the court,


Jeremiah Davis is a senior guard for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team.  Davis is also earning credit as a member of Ball State Sports Link in 2015-16.  

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