Chirpies, Masters, Race, and More with Albert Jennings

IMG_9354Written By: Matt Craig | @MrMattCraig
Editor in Chief of Chirp City
Host of the Ball Hogs Podcast
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Sports Link’s Matt Craig sits down with Albert Jennings of the Ball State Golf team and host of the 2016 Chirpies. Topics include Albert’s Obama impersonation (6:10), reactions to this past weekend’s Masters (9:00), if Tiger could ever make a comeback (30:13), appealing golf to the under-25 generation (32:38), issues of race in golf and other sports (38:53), meeting Steph Curry (47:38), and finally NBA hot takes (50:25).

Author: Matt Craig

Chirp City Founder & Director of Content. Hey Bill Simmons, if you're reading this, hire me.

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