Did Tebow Read My Article or Divine Intervention?

I don’t know if God decides sporting events, but we know he’s guiding Tim Tebow to my football articles!

Ok maybe a stretch, but this is no coincidence I throw Tebow in with every bust quarterback from a college powerhouse and then he signs with Mets five hours later.

Does he know what I’m typing now…….

Seriously, who was more happy the Mets signed Tebow?  Three clear front runners in this race.

Fox Sports One, Tebow’s agents or the Single A stadium shop in St. Lucie, who will be selling $35 bobbleheads and $125 jerseys of Tebow, to help pay off the third mortgage on that 7,300-seat shack.

I’ll take the stadium shop. They need it more than the prior two.

Here is what I will say about this move by the Mets, as every former baseball player and ESPN analyst rises in outrage. You know Dallas Braden, Frank Thomas and under a bound of IRS paperwork, Curt Schilling, will be pounding the table.

“He hasn’t played baseball since high school!”

“It’s a publicity stunt, another New York Met media driven page 6 signing!”

“What’s he going to do, walk on water and bring Daniel Murphy back?”

Although the Daniel Murphy project I think has a 35% chance of happening, let’s sit back and pontificate what’s more likely to happen.

Yes, he will likely suck.  Yes, he will take someone’s shot at the big leagues. And yes, he will use this as a platform to elevate himself into a bigger star in society, pushing his brand and beliefs.

And I love it. You should too. Especially if you love baseball.

There’s one thing we have established about Tebow and his circle of agents. They know what they’re doing more than anyone other brand on the planet.

The Kardashian’s don’t even run the media this well!

I’ll let you caption this.

It’s a lot easier to sell sex, than it is to sell an overrated quarterback.

Last week, on the day we turn back into football insomniacs for eight months, what do I see all over the ticker? Tebow signing with the New York Mets to a minor league deal.

You think that is a coincidence? Who else in sports could do that?

Nobody. His polarization in the media and his fan base is like one we have never seen.

Everybody has an opinion on Tebow, he’s just a lighting rod. He’s in the class of about 11 athletes in sports legend.  The same reaction come to all of these guys and Tebow is no different. We start of loving them for being them, then we hate them for either losing, political statements or criminal activity.

Fans stay in that second stage of denial for awhile, swearing their undying distain for the player into eternity. Until they do one of these two ultimate elixirs — win or retire.

We hated the Brett Favre saga, 80% of Kobe’s farewell tour you were upset at him for wrecking the Lakers franchise, LeBron for not winning enough and we even had enough of Jordan with the Wizards.

Smash cut to current day, we’re pretty much cool with all of them.

Favre is beloved again, Kobe’s doing interview’s on CNBC as an investor, LeBron’s back in most of the good graces and Michael’s still doing bad Hanes commercials.

Tebow will be the same way once he leaves sports, but for now everyone needs to ride this gravy train. Sports is about being interesting. What’s more interesting than Tim Tebow?

Michael Jordan didn’t have the skill set to be a Triple AAA player, let alone a big leaguer.

Did we care? Of course not. We love MJ.

Jordan still won’t talk to Sports Illustrated to this day. Easy to hold a grudge when you’re a billionaire.

If Tebow takes some kid from The Cape Cod’s spot, I’ll live with it. If I were the powers at be in baseball, Tebow would have to play in the bigs for at least six months.

Are you kidding me?  I’ll set the scene for you — You’re at an airport or hanging with your friends during the dead heat of summer. Top of the 1st. Tim Tebow is batting against Stephen Strasburg.

You’re not stopping to watch? I will and so will you.

Embrace Tebow and the Ringling brothers circus, around him. It’s what makes sports, sports.


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