Aaron Rodgers: Run The Table?

BY ALY KOHANOWSKI | Ball State Sports Link

The Green Bay Packers — arguably one of the NFL’s most legendary and winningest football teams. Founded on Aug. 11, 1919, the Green Bay Packers are the third oldest team in professional football.

Lambeau. Lombardi. Starr. Favre.

Just a few of the most respected names in professional football history all made names for themselves at the historic Lambeau Field.  Current Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is on his way to following in these football legend’s footsteps all the way to the hall of fame.

Nov. 20th, 2017. Week 12. The Packers found themselves coming off of their fourth straight loss. A 42-24 setback to the Washington Redskins put the Packers at third place in the NFC North Division.

After this loss, the Packers had just an 11.4 percent chance of making the playoffs.  Despite the injuries holding multiple key Packers starters from playing, Rodgers knew  if he wanted to lead his team to the playoffs something needed to change — and fast.

Rodgers never doubted himself or his team at any point in time and was up for the challenge. Following the tough loss at Washington, Rodgers stayed optimistic and made sure his teammates, fans and the press all knew that he wasn’t giving up.

A few days  following the loss, Rodgers spoke out to media with a positive statement: “I feel like we can run the table.”

From there, the tables had turned.

c2v_qqpxuaalmyt-jpg-largeThe upcoming games were must wins for the Packers. Without a doubt, the Packers brought home wins against Philadelphia, Houston and Seattle. Before they knew it, Green Bay was back in the headlines as they landed a spot in the playoffs. But, they aren’t done yet.

Cross the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and the New York Giants off the list-all with wins marked next to them in the Packers favor.

With every win, the next game becomes more crucial than the previous.

After the Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in a nail biting win, where Rodgers perfectly placed the ball in Jared Cook’s hands to set up the game winning field goal.

A few weeks ago, all odds were against the Green Bay Packers. The injured list was constantly growing, Rodgers wasn’t performing and the team was losing faith.

The Packers were not supposed to go on an eight-game winning streak. But they did. Now, they hope to continue to “run the table” and get themselves a trip to  to Super Bowl 51 in Houston.

Will they run the table?

Author: Sports Link Staff

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  1. Good article Aly-Kat. Nice to see your name & let’s get a big win today🏈! Go Pack Go🗣. How about an article on the Women’s Basketball Player whom just had 22-points for Dbl.-Dbls. & put her 1,001 point up on 1-21-17, with being the 26th to accomplish this at BSU, during the win at Bowling Green🏀. Just 3 weeks after the 25th to accomplish this goal. Please let me know whenever you have another article out.

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