@BallStateMBB: Franko House, Father

BY TIM REUSCHE | Ball State Sports Link

Franko with his fiancé Morgan, and their son Carter.

Franko House‘s story goes far beyond the basketball court.

In fact, the moment he steps off the court, he not only assumes the role of a student, but also that of a father.

This past season as a senior House was definitely a leader for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team, on and off the court.

Head coach James Whitford mentioned to me how Franko has had to completely adjust his entire lifestyle, compared to when he was a  freshman.

House is now disciplined in what he eats and the physical work he does to keep in shape.

Being more lean he can now fit through gaps he couldn’t have in his freshman year to score the ball, as well as find his teammates for open shots.

He is strong enough to battle with the big bodies in the post. And his athleticism is something to see now too.

House’s most impressive skill set, however, comes in being a father. He and his fiancé, Morgan, map out their days together to figure who is taking care of their son, Carter, and at what points in the day.

Since House has to wake up early for basketball practice, he’s up plenty early for the first responsibilities of their son. As the day progresses, both he and Morgan take their turn caring for Carter while also maintaining their own personal health.

Although I was fortunate enough to produce this piece on House, the video does not do the justice to showing the difficulty that is taking care of a child while being a Division I student-athlete.

However, I think having the viewer hear House himself talk about it causes one to ponder what that task is like.

Following House, his fiancé and Carter at all of Ball State’s basketball games has definitely been quite the journey. No matter the distance — besides a few out of reasonable driving distance — Morgan was at every game. Carter has been to his fair share, too.

The contrast between House on and off the court was dramatic to witness, and I think the music selection captures that difference fairly well.

See the incredible and heartwarming story that is …  Franko House, Father.



Author: Sports Link Staff

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