Step Out, Show The True YOU

BY QUINTON ZIELKE | Ball State Sports Link

Athletes are praised and hated globally based on the opinions they publicly exhibit towards situations happening in our world. Never striving for more recognition, but showing a passion for all they believe in.

Gender, color, sport, background, every athlete has their own story. Everyone on Earth has their own story and their own way of going through life.

The professional athletes we all look up to — and strive exponentially to be like — they’re just normal people just like you and I. Filled with childhood dreams and a heart of beliefs that circulate through fan’s conversations constantly.

There is one belief however, so many athletes share, yet it constantly goes unnoticed.

Whether it be dropping to a knee at mid-court, pointing to the sky after a home run or huddled as a group ready to take the field, prayer is a staple for so many athletes.

Often times going unnoticed, professional athletes proceed with their normal lives. For some however, they refuse to let their faith fall short to their stature.

Being a “professional” and constantly watched, athletes don’t need to do much to stand out.

Twitter has become a platform for stars to express firsthand what they believe. It provides the ability for athletes to express their faith to millions of followers, rather than 30 media members or a couple cameras.

Derek Carr, Clayton Kershaw, Allyson Felix, Manny Pacquiao, Steph Curry.  All athletes many admire who point their glory and fame towards their faith through social media and performance. They recognize their power to change people is the same power both you and I have to change people.

Tim Tebow, arguably one of the best college football players to ever play, has always let his faith shine in the center of his success.

Growing up a Florida Gators fan, Tebow was man I found myself idolizing. The Heisman-winning, national champion who could lead men as well as anyone I’d seen.

Tebow, an outspoken Christian, was praised and hated constantly for displaying his faith.

I remember watching him take the field with John 3:16 across his eye-black, then I did the exact same thing for my next football game.

Tebow made it cool to let his faith shine higher than his stature.

We are all professional athletes. We are all human.

Use your influence to show the world the true YOU. Use your influence to be the difference in someone’s life. Use your influence to change the world.

Stop right now and think about how many people you see every day. You are noticed. You are loved. There is such an immense influence in the simple actions we choose to make.


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