Chris Denari Shares Industry, Career Tips

Ball State Sports Link kicked off homecoming week with a special guest Monday night.

Just 48 hours before the Indiana Pacers tipped off the 2018-19 season, Fox Sports Indiana play-by-play broadcaster Chris Denari stopped by to share his words of wisdom with Sports Link students.

Chris Denari speaks to Sports Link Students on October 15.

The 13-year television broadcaster provided his tips on the industry, play-by-play, and the college experience.

With 17 years as the radio play-by-play voice of the Butler Bulldogs under his belt, Denari also added his insights on radio commentary.

“Even if it’s just 20 people watching or listening, one of those people could change your career,” Denari noted. “Always give it your best. Never take a night off. You never know who’s watching, listening, or following you on Twitter. ”

Denari explained how in a world where technology changes and advances every day, the broadcast industry does, too.

“The industry is changing because technology is changing. It is becoming more and more efficient because it changes how you work.”

“You can consume anything you want on your phone,” Denari said. “We know when we do a game, anyone around the world could be watching, not on a big screen, but on a bus in Shanghai.”

College is a learning experience for everyone, and Denari stressed the importance of making the most of your college years.

“The opportunities are endless, take advantage of them.”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Denari said. “Try to put yourself in a position that your brand is something someone else wants. It was all of the things outside of the classroom that prepared me for my career.”

Denari started his 13th season with the Pacers this season on Fox Sports Indiana.


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