Between The Court And Me: Indiana State

BY CHEYN ROUX | Ball State Sports Link

It’s funny, I like to think that I am pretty up to date with music nowadays…even if the radio in my car has been broken for awhile.

I’d also like to think we all have a favorite musical artist. One where we are willing to go see perform live, follow on social media, or blast in our headphones religiously. All normal things.

One thing I always find fun or exciting is hearing a newly dropped album by a favorite artist.

Trey Moses looks back at KJ Walton’s put back dunk.


I wonder if it will be different than previous work. Will it have the same sound? Different sound? A lot of songs? Very few? Will I like it? All things to think about.

Ever listen to a new album, and as you are going through it, there is that moment you kind of say to yourself: Woah, I like this.

That’s how it felt for not only me, but I think for a lot of people who watched Ball State Basketball play their home opener against Indiana State.

The crowd cheers for Austin Nehls first points as a Cardinal.

As an observer, you can always have your uncertainties and doubts going into a season-and Ball State, in general, is no exception.

However, I didn’t feel that way as I was sitting below the basketball hoop and walking around the arena taking pictures.

Most of these players returned from last year with the exception of a few, but there was something different about the team.

The focus and energy looked so secure. With Coach Whitford’s emphasis being defense this year, you couldn’t help but notice it throughout the game.

Josh Thompson directs the team in transition.

Even when there was foul or when an opposing player would try to get a reaction, it just seemed like it wasn’t worth it, and as an athlete, you typically act like that when you have the upper hand…which we had.

KJ Walton smiles despite the chatter.

Ball State just seemed to have that composure all throughout. Whether it was a senior, redshirt, or transfer- everyone on that court wanted to contribute.

I’ve been on some good teams in the past, and one thing that stood out from those teams is when everyone gets along and has the same goal for the team.

Hopefully, that goal remains the same throughout the season.

Kyle Mallers and Tayler Persons celebrate.

I understand no one is perfect.

I understand the first half wasn’t perfect but I also understand that not all cylinders click in your first game of the season.

And that’s normal. What’s important is finding a way to overcome that in order to win, and the Cardinals did just that, regardless of going into halftime all tied up.

Good teams find a way to get it done.

The Cardinals face a much tougher opponent this Saturday in Lafayette, but stepping in a Goliath’s home shouldn’t discourage them.

I may have just listened to the first track of the album, but so far, I like it.

🎼1-0. 🎼

Tahjai Teague after a fast break dunk.

Editor’s Note: Cheyn Roux is pursuing his Masters in Digital Storytelling and is an avid photographer.  A former collegiate soccer player, Roux’s work can be viewed at


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