There Is Always Hope

Megan Graves is not your ordinary Division 1 student-athlete.

She brings a mentality driven through her faith and consistency with the Lord. Graves is fueled by her faith each and every day, with the help of her mom watching over her. 

In high school, Graves suffered two knee injuries that halted her junior season and influenced her switch from high jumping to hammer throwing at Ball State. She would later receive recognition she never saw coming. 

In just 21 years of life, Graves encountered a whirlwind of emotion, but the pain coming was nowhere near what she had already felt.

She endured this pain in the summer of 2016, when her mother, Hope Graves, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

The disease attacked multiple parts of her body. A long attempt at recovery left her family fighting until there was nothing more they could do. 

On Sept. 6, 2017, Hope Graves passed away from cancer. 

The following Friday, the Graves family held a celebration of life.

With only 24 hours notice prior to the celebration of life, Hope’s family and friends attended and surrounded the family with peace, love and comfort. 

For most people, this would have shut them down and stopped good things to come. Instead, Graves continued to work hard and found an abiding bond with the Lord.

In fact, just a few days later after her mother’s passing she returned to school. The work began again.

She trained and worked hard for better things to come. This determination would carry her not only in her sport, but more importantly, off the track.

She later worked her way to fourth in school history at Ball State in the hammer throw and ranks among the best the program has ever seen. 

Outside of track, she pushed herself to excel in the classroom as an exercise science major. This landed her being a three-time honoree for indoor track and a two-time honoree for outdoor track for Academic All Mid-American Conference accolades. 

After her season was cut short at Ball State due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Graves will pursue a career in physical therapy at IUPUI fulfilling her lifelong dream of taking care of people. 

About The Feature:

It has been an honor for me to tell the story of the Graves family, and what they have encountered throughout their lives. I know it isn’t easy to lose someone that close, but to say I feel their pain would be lying.

The Lord has wrapped his arms around this family and allowed them to not use it as a set back, but to use it as a way to tell their story of faith and hopefulness, that could help somebody else going through the same hardships.

The Graves are the most outgoing, vibrant and God-loving people somebody could ever meet. 

I am very thankful for the staff of Sports Link and the Graves family for being so attentive and helping me get things done through the effects of the Coronavirus.

To Tony, Megan, Lauren and Coach Etelman, I appreciate everything you guys have done to tell this story, and shed light on the power of hope and faith. 

“In the end, There is Always Hope” – Megan Graves

A direct link to Megan’s blog can be viewed here:

Author: Peyton Monell

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