Wednesday’s Virtual Camp All About The Hype

Ball State Sports Link, continued its annual Summer Workshop Series, now in a virtual setting due to the COVID19 global pandemic, by turning the Wednesday attention on creative content production.

Over 120 participants have registered in advance for the online workshops slated to run nightly June 8-11 at 6:30 p.m. ET, with Sports Link instructors, alumni and industry professionals.

Josh Blessing

Elite Edge Production producer/director Josh Blessing was the Wednesday night guest.

Blessing, a 2013 Sports Link alum, is now in his third year with Elite Edge creating visually stunning content that exceeds expectations for the most iconic brands across the country.

Prior to his current position, Blessing worked in athletics for the University of Minnesota from 2013-2018.

“There’s depth to every piece I do,” Blessing said. “That’s something I brought with me from Ball State to Minnesota to Elite Edge.

“It doesn’t have to be flashy, but it has to have a story. My goal each and every time out is to create something that is lasting, that is impactful, that is memorable and that is fun.”

Wednesday’s theme, “From Concept To Creation”, started with ways to spark creativity and the importance of pre-production to accomplish your goal.

“You have to manage the structure, ” Ball State Senior Director of Digital Sports Production Chris Taylor said. “You have to think about the pacing. You have to think about the characters and the subjects who are the center of it all. What is your why?”

“You learn tricks over the years,” Blessing said. “How to keep your project organized. How key music is to drive emotions. Little things like sound design goes a long way. If someone catches a football or has a huge tackle, find a sound effect of that.”

After a knowledge-filled session from directing to maximizing content exposure, Blessing wrapped his presentation with recent work of a show open for the New Orleans Pelicans. Following, he walked campers through his thoughts and workflow.

“If you are directing, always have a plan before you show up on set,” Blessing said. “As an editor, you have to get a variety of shots. There has to be depth to what you’re doing. I always plan wide shots, tight shots and medium shots on the sets.”

And how does the young producer work with the biggest names in sports like LeBron James and Zion Williamson?

“You have to learn how to read the room and be confident with these athletes,” Blessing said. “You are going to be stressed about what you are going to shoot, but if you have confidence they will listen to you and work with you. You have to show respect to the athletes and they will show respect back to you.”

Sports Link’s virtual camp wraps Thursday with a final session on creative content production. The session entitled “From Concept To Creation: Representing Your Team” features Erinn Casey (Digital Video Coordinator, Chicago White Sox) and Zac Miklusak (Video Producer, Carolina Hurricanes).

While online registration is closed, if you are interested in joining the final night, please email

Author: Chris Taylor

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