5 Things Ish El-Amin Can’t Live Without

BY MASON PLUMMER | Lead Writer | Ball State Sports Link

These days, everyone has certain things that they can’t imagine living life without.

Some people can’t fathom going without their iPhone or their PlayStation, while others are content with having books or trading cards.

In this brand new series, Ball State Sports Link will highlight athletes at BSU by taking a look into their vital possessions.

First up, is men’s basketball star Ishmael El-Amin. The 6-foot-3, 180-pounder out of Minneapolis (Minn.) Hopkins has been a highlight waiting to happen since he first stepped on campus four years ago.

Now as a senior, he is leading the Cards with 15. 6 points per game. He’s scored in double figures in 12 of BSU’s 15 games this season.

The oldest of seven children in his family, El-Amin took time out of his busy schedule visit with Sports Link and break down his 5 Things.

1. iPhone

With technology the way that it is these days, this was never a surprise. Phones can do so much and it has become necessary to have yours on your person at all times.

For El-Amin, it comes down to communication.

“Being able to have access and communicate with my family is huge,” El-Amin said. “I can do everything on my phone from scrolling social media to texting my friends. I love it.”

2. Apple TV

When you’re as busy as El-Amin is with a full-course load and basketball seven days a week, a good TV show or movie is a must.

“I’m a huge movie guy,” El-Amin said with a laugh. “I like some TV series too. I have been watching Snowfall recently. I am not huge on shows, I have to be really into them.”

El-Amin enjoys watching documentaries after practice on weekdays and enjoys watching a comedy movie with some friends on the weekends when he is not playing basketball.

3. Basketball

You know it would be here. El-Amin touches a basketball everyday and it easily made his top five.

“Basketball has been a big part of my life since I can remember,” El-Amin explained. “It has gotten me to the places I want to be so far and it is going to take me to the places I want to go in the future.”

Basketball was El-Amin’s first love and it has stuck with him ever since.

Being able to take his mind off of school and the outside world and shoot around or even play pickup games has given him the ability to succeed on multiple levels.

4. Playstation

Everyone loves playing video games now and then that does not stop with El-Amin. The Playstation has been his console of choice for some time now over rival Xbox.

“I like to relax and play my Playstation when I am free sometimes,” El-Amin said. “Usually it’s either my Playstation or TV. I like playing all sorts of games, it takes me away from everything going on.”

5. Starburst

El-Amin admitted to having a sweet tooth and his favorite candy is Starburst.

While he is not a fan of all of the flavors, he has a major liking for fruity candy and nothing touches Starburst in his book.

“I am big on fruity candy in general to be honest,” El-Amin said. “Skittles, Starburst and others. I really like some of the flavors but the pink Starburst are the best, no doubt. The all-pink bag is my favorite.”