5 Things Ross Messina Can’t Live Without

BY MASON PLUMMER / Lead Writer | Ball State Sports Link

As BallStateSportsLink.com continues its ‘5 Things’ series, the name on the top of the list as far as athletes to feature was Ross Messina.

The senior outfielder for the Ball State baseball team has been on a tear so far in the 2021 season and has been a large part of the Cardinals’ success this season. Messina is batting .319 on the season, with six doubles and a home run.

So, what are the ‘5 Things’ Messina can’t live without?

1. Phone

I expect this to be a mainstay on just about each and every one of these ‘5 Things’ articles. These days, cell phones can do just about everything we could possibly want and that is true here for Messina.

A native of Missouri, Messina has moved all around the country chasing his career in baseball and it is vitally important to him that he can stay in contact with his family and most of that contact is made through his phone.

2. Fishing Pole

When Messina isn’t at Ball State playing baseball, he loves being back home with his buddies out on the water doing some fishing. 

“I love being able to go fishing with my best friends when I’m back home,” Messina said. “Obviously, I can’t when it’s too cold but in the summertime it’s awesome.”

3. Gym

As a D1 baseball player, Messina spends a ton of time in the gym. Whether he is getting in shape for the season or maintaining his shape and adding muscle, the Cardinals stud outfielder is working to better himself each and every day.

“It’s not all about the gym being good for your body and all of that,” Messina explained. “It’s a place I like to go and hangout with my buddies and it’s just something I really like to do.”

4. Computer

Along with Messina’s phone, this was going to be a given. During COVID-19 especially, having a computer to be able to complete schoolwork on is absolutely vital. Besides keeping on top of classes and schoolwork, Messina also likes to use his computer for entertainment. 

“In my downtime, I like to watch Netflix and YouTube,” Messina said. “I don’t have a TV, so when I want to watch shows or movies I always use my computer.”

5. Sunglasses

Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, baseball players and sunglasses. 

Just about every baseball player has a nice pair of sunglasses and will tell you they are vital to not only their game, but looking good on the field as well. Messina chalks it up to having sensitive eyes, but I don’t buy it for a second.

“Anytime the sun is out or even if it’s bright out, I have to have my sunglasses,” Messina said. “I have my Oakley’s for the game and then some RayBans for when I am just relaxing. I wear them all the time and I get made fun of for wearing them all the time but it helps!” 

Ball State will take a break from non-conference play this coming week with a three-game series against Butler. The teams will play a single game Friday at Butler and a Saturday doubleheader in Muncie.

Based on guidance surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, general public attendance is not permitted at First Merchants Ballpark Complex this season.