Rising Stars: Jaylin Sellers (Basketball)

Charlie DeSadier / Ball State Sports Link

Listing out the top five greatest hoopers of all time is a task that has notably become a universal million-dollar question sparking debates amongst individuals since the days of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Cardinals freshman guard, Jaylin Sellers, offered Sports Link his unique top five.

To introduce his list, he started with the late, great Kobe “Bean” Bryant.

“I’ll say Kobe because of the grit and the work ethic that he brought to the game,” Sellers says.

Next on the list was Michael Jordan whose winning mentality stuck out the most to Sellers. The freshman placed Akron, Ohio’s very own LeBron James in the ranks at No. 3 noting that they come from similar backgrounds. 

“The versatility that he brought to the game, and he also came from the background I came from [with] him coming from Akron, Ohio,” Sellers explains to Sports Link.

Anthony Edwards fills the fourth spot as Sellers ends the list on a high note saying that he would put himself in the fifth spot with claims to be “up next.”

So far the Columbus, Georgia native is averaging 6.4 points and 1.8 rebounds shooting 56.3 percent from the field.

Sellers was a two-time all-state honoree in Georgia prior to transferring to Carver Montgomery High School in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Author: Sports Link Staff

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