Sports Link & Sports Production is part of Ball State’s Department of Media.

Our program, the first of its kind in the country, adds to the University’s overall strategic plan with additional immersive learning opportunities. The program significantly contributes to the following themes:

  1. provide distinctive, high-quality educational experiences;
  2. become a recognized leader for educational and disciplinary innovation;
  3. invest in an increasingly vibrant and integrated university community and;
  4. advance Indiana through student engagement and faculty expertise

Program Values:

  1. To publicize, promote, produce and market Ball State Sports Link, Ball State Media, Ball State Athletics and Ball State University with pride in our work and to the best of our ability
  2. To be a positive and influential person to our fellow students, student-athletes, faculty and staff
  3. To develop quality, prepared and respected students for a career in sports media
  4. To provide tireless effort, leadership and commitment to Ball State University
  5. To continue to be the standard by which all other sports media and sports journalism programs in the nation are measured
  6. To elevate, educate and empower our students and student-athletes

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will apply visual and aesthetic design theory to better enhance the telling of stories, express an idea or convey information in an entertaining, informative and creative fashion
  2. Students will evaluate and develop assets for various media based on the needs of a program’s audience
  3. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the operation of advanced level, professional production equipment and the interactive delivery of a project using multiple mediums
  4. Students will develop management skills required to carry a program or project through the pre-production, production, post-production and delivery phases