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Thank You, Andrew

BY ADRIAN JARDING | Ball State Sports Link Shocked would be putting it mildly. As someone who has studiously followed the NFL (and researched its…

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Dreams of Thunder

When I was younger Sunday’s were the best. I had NASCAR in the spring and summer, football in the fall and Golf throughout the year….

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NFL Season Preview 2018-2019

It’s that wonderful time of year where the NFL is back, and all is right in the world of sports. No more Draft talk, off…

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Expanding Football For Women

BY ADRIAN JARDING | Ball State Sports Link The National Football League is in a very weird state right now. This is perhaps the weirdest…

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Three Lessons From @USAFootball

BY DREW DUFF | Ball State Sports Link I have always been someone who is afraid of leaving my comfort zone. During the one-hour drive…

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