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Since 2009, Ball State’s immersive learning production, Ball State Sports Link, has emerged as a national leader in sports media and production.

The Department of Telecommunications created a new Digital Sports Production concentration in the existing Digital Production option, joining Digital Audio, Digital Video and Emerging Media.

The concentration also has partnership with the School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science through courses in Sport Administration. It also includes courses from the joint Journalism/TCOM News Track.

Digital Sports Production offers skills and applications using digital technology to create sports content for distribution across multiple platforms. Emphasis is given to live event production to ESPN platforms and storytelling.

Digital Sports Production prepares students for careers in a developing and changing sports media arena. Using the immersive learning model of Ball State Sports Link, Digital Sports Production specializes in multiple areas.

Students learn to produce a broad range of content from live remote productions, live-to-tape events, television programs, student-athlete features, Facebook Live shows and social media content creation.

Other facets of the program include Sports Link Digital Radio, social media management and analytics, podcasts and the use of mobile technology and interactivity via the web.

Students gain industry-accepted experience in the following areas:

Live game, cross-platform productions with the use of Ball State’s 40-foot HD production truck
• Producing content from a centralized, fiber control room for ESPN 3 and other platforms
• Producing content with the use of a Tri-Caster 8000 series
• Producing live content for social media platforms (Facebook Live)
• Studio show and feature story production and storytelling on multiple platforms
• Post-production, editing and color grading
• Engineering and broadcast operations
• Archiving and logging footage
• Operation of field and live production cameras, mobile production units
• Operation of replay machines (EVS, Dyno and 3Play)
• Operation of broadcast graphic systems (Ross Expression, Chyron, Live Text)
• Non-linear editing with Adobe Premiere or the equivalent
• Building and design of graphics and animations in Adobe Creative Suite
• Cross-platform delivery methods, formats, compression and encoding
• Producing sports content for cross-platforms including broadcast, online, mobile and tablet applications


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