Jeremiah Davis: Think Like A Planter


Written By: Jeremiah Davis | @JizleCorleone
Senior guard | Ball State Basketball
Member of Ball State Sports Link

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“If you associate yourself with Eagles, you will learn to soar to great heights.”

I think I have made it pretty obvious in my previous blogs why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people.

Your destiny — and your dynasty — is determined or demolished by those who are the closest to you.

Now that we have established that, I need for you to look at those who you have selected into your “favorite five” or your inner circle.  It is time to look at the next step toward your success, including your environment.

The question you need to ask yourself before you enter any environment is what will I lose or gain from this experience? What type of harvest am I expecting to gain?

When I was younger, my mother — who is the greatest person I have ever met — used to show me how to plant flowers in her garden which we were both responsible for.

seedlingMy mom taught me you can’t just plant your seed in any type of dirt. She would inform me that first I would need to examine the dirt, and make sure the soil was the best type for my seed to grow.

I also needed to select dirt that was disease free and contained enough nutrients to feed my seed.

I give this example because if you want to be successful in life you should think like a planter. Are you giving your dreams the right nutrients to grow?

We have to understand having the right seed is an essential key to success, but more importantly we must also understand the soil we entrust to develop the seed is just as vital.

Remember to keep God first, as well as stay stay true, stay pure and stay real.

Thanks for the read and see you on the court,



Jeremiah Davis is a senior guard for the Ball State Men’s Basketball team.  Davis is also earning credit as a member of Ball State Sports Link in 2015-16.  


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